Foundation of the augier house by philippe augier 

The House is founded in 1643 by Philippe Augier.

Heir of a notary and jurist family from Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, he marries Elizabeth Janssen in 1650, daughter of  Flemish merchants. 


The augier house becomes « Augier frères & co »

Philippe joins forces with his brother Daniel.

Together, they build a new company « Augier Frères & Co ».

They become quickly of the biggest Cognac producers.

17th century

International expansion and the american dream

Powerful merchants, the Augier family are developing their relationships with others local great families (The Brunet, Lallemand and Martell) and begin to export towards Great Britain and the Flanders than Germany and the colonies. 

In 1745, the eaux-de-vie are crossing the Atlantic towards the New World.

The French Marquis de Vaudreuil, Commander of the Royal Marine, is in charge of the expedition to Louisiana.


Ennoblement of Etienne Augier by Louis XVIII

Etienne-Jean marries one of Jean Martell’s daughters.

Through this wedding, he endorses the alliance between the families.

He is first elected Deputy of the Third Estate at the General Estates by the bailiwick of Angoulême in gratitude for its devotion to the Crown.

Then, Etienne-Jean is made Knight of the Legion of Honor, one of the highest French order of merit and obtains the 24th September 1814 his Letters Patent of nobility.


First steps in Asia

1864 is the year of the first expedition towards China with 240 bottles of Fine Champagne 1858 destinated to Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Paris liberated !

At the end of World War II, the Augier House is providing its Cognacs for the Paris Liberation Committee.


Lauching of the cuvee « Roi Soleil »

To pay a tribute to the origins of the House in 1643, date of the crowning of Louis XIV, the Augier family is launching a special cuvée « Roi Soleil ». 


Rebirth of the Augier house 

A new exceptional range of Cognac without the traditional characteristics (VS, VSOP, XO) is launched to praise the complexity of the terroirs :  

L’Océanique, Le Sauvage et Le Singulier.

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