Le Sauvage is a bold and structured cognac with an appealing intensity achieved by distilling the wine with additional wine lees.

Cognac Augier

Le Sauvage

40,1% VOL
Petite Champagne : the limestone from the soils provide a nice structure and a great equilibrium.
Grape variety
Ugni Blanc. Typical for Cognac region.
Reinforced fine lies : between 7 et 15% of the wine. A distillation method with an extra addition of wine lies.
The triple maturation in new, old and red oak casks enhances the extraction of the tannins providing fine oaky notes.



Augier Le Sauvage is a cognac composed by eaux-de-vie from the cru of Petite Champagne, well-known to produce eaux-de-vie of a remarkable finesse as well as smooth aromas.




ROBE: The blend presents an intense gold robe

NOSE: The first nose is powerful and structured thanks to the distillation on reinforced fine lies.

PALATE: The attack is direct and vivid. The body is complex with fruity notes of candied apricot and fresh-cut pear.

FINAL: Complex and spicy with a really well integrated wood and notes of vanilla, cinnamon and clove.

Not chill-filtered. 

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Augier cognacs are pure and differentiating, they are highly appreciated by mixologist for their creations in short or long drinks.

Moonlight Mile

5 CL
Augier Le Sauvage
5 CL
Honey flowers syrup
5 CL
Velvet Falernum
6 drips
of Boston Bitter
1 zest
of Grapefruit

Propositions of

 Food pairing

To enhance a vivid and powerful product like Le Sauvage, softness is needed. We recommend gourmet and elegant pairings so that the cognac can fully express its smooth and rich character to bring a perfect equilibrium.

Jambon Serrano 

The smoked hazelnut notes, the salt and the fat of the ham are bringing out the whole aromatic intensity of the cognac.

Beef ribs

Grilled and flavoured with Provencal herbs, the Beef Rib is noble, expressive and remarkable product that softens the intensity of Le Sauvage.


Powerful cheeses like Roquefort, Fourme d’Ambert or even old Cheddar are bringing a nice smoothness to Le Sauvage.

Chocolate fondant

The Chocolate fondant joins sweetness and bitterness from the cacao. The liquid texture of the chocolate is bringing roundness to the cognac. while the red berries’ acidity are balancing the overall.