Le Singulier is an expressive cognac distilled from the prestigious Cru of Fine Champagne and 100% made with a rare and long-neglected grape, the Folle Blanche (“Crazy White”).

Cognac Augier

Le Singulier

40,1% VOL
Fine Champagne. On of the most prestigious terroir of Cognac region which provides extremely complex and rich eaux-de-vie.
Grape variety
Folle Blanche. A rare and original grape variety with an incredible aromatic intensity.
Natural. A distillation method that exploit the wealth of the natural fine lies of the wine.
Aged in new casks.



Augier Le Singulier is made with vines of Fine Champagne, that is to say its eaux-de-vies are only blended with grapes coming from the first cru of Grande Champagne and the second cru of Petite Champagne. These crus are making particularly rich and elegant eaux-de-vie.




ROBE: The blend presents an intense gold robe.

NOSE: The first nose is subtle and elegant. Then appears fruity notes of wild peach, pear and apricot.

PALATE: The attack is direct and vivid, which is typical from a product without additive. The body is round and fin and gives room to an intense fruitiness balanced by the wood and the spices.

FINAL: Great equilibrium with subtle oaky notes.

Not chill-filtered.

Our Signature



Augier cognacs are pure and differentiating, they are highly appreciated by mixologist for their creations in short or long drinks.


5 CL
Augier Le Singulier
0,75 CL
Chai tea syrup
2  dashes
tea pot bitter

Propositions of


Food pairing

To enhance the highly expressive character of Le Singulier, we recommend exotic and aromatic pairings (partridge, feasant) that can highlight the unique aromatic intensity of this cognac.

Tomatoes, mango & avocados

The exotic and sweet taste of the mango and the tomato and the creamy texture of the avocado are forming a unique trio that perfectly suits the aromatic intensity of Le Singulier.

Roasted chicken

The thin crispy layer of the roasted chicken is melting under the tong. The flesh of the chicken is sharpening the taste buds to bring out the full potential of Folle Blanche.


The fruity and delicate cheeses like Comté, Beaufort or even Cheddar are paying a tribute to the delicate smoothness of Le Singulier.

Tarte Tatin

The buttery and generous taste of Tarte Tatin and its baked melting apples are sublimating the full aromatic potential of Le Singulier.
roundness to the cognac. while the red berries’ acidity are balancing the overall.