L’Océanique is a cognac from the Oléron island, marked by the maritime influences from the French Atlantic coast which gives him an mineral and iodized character.

Cognac Augier


40,1% VOL
Bois ordinaires from the Oléron Island. Deeply marked by the ocean sprays.
Grape variety
Ugni Blanc. Typical for Cognac region.
Natural. A distillation method that exploit the wealth of the natural fine lies of the wine.
Aged in old casks.



Augier L’Océanique is blended with eaux-de-vies coming exclusively from vines of the Oléron Island. Situated nearby the Atlantic coasts, the ocean sprays are impacting the taste of the cognac, providing among others, iodine notes.




ROBE: This blend presents a yellow lemon robe.

NOSE: The first nose is characterized by the ocean influences. Then comes the ripe citrus (yellow lemon), sweet spices, mineral and iodized notes

PALATE: It opens on mineral and iodized notes. The attack is vivid and characterized by pink grapefruit notes.

FINAL: Lots of flowers (lemon flower). Slightly spicy with some pepper notes and an hint of blond tobacco.

Not chill-filtered.

Our signature



Augier cognacs are pure and differentiating, they are highly appreciated by mixologist for their creations in short or long drinks.


6 CL
Augier L’Océanique
2 CL
Jasmin iced tea
0,3 CL
Maple syrup
8 dashes
of apple vinegar

Coconut Side-car

6 CL
Augier L’Océanique
3,5 CL
Coconut Milk
3,5 CL
Coconut cream
3,5 CL

The Firefly

3 CL
Augier L’Océanique
3,5 CL
White wine
3,5 CL
Kombu seaweed syrup
10 CL
Soda Water

Propositions of

food pairing

To enhance the freshness, purity and minerality of L’Océanique, we deeply recommend delicate and gourmet products. To pay a tribute to its roots from the Oléron Island, we suggest to pair it with seafood such as oysters, scallops and delicate fishes.

Carpaccio de St Jacques 

The sweetness of the scallops amplified by the lime pays a tribute to the ocean origins of L’Océanique.

Thon Teriyaki 

Genuine product of the ocean, the tuna teriyaki is a tribute to the ocean. The subtle and fresh notes from the fish perfectly.


The soft-paste cheeses such as goat are softening the cognac to highlight the minerality of L’Océanique.

Crême Brûlée 

The fondant texture and the thin crisp caramel layer immediately soften the mineral character of this cognac to give him a generous aspect.