L’Océanique is a cognac displaying maritime influences that originates from the Bois Ordinaires terroir on the Island of Oléron. It has an appealing mineral streak and a hint of the sea.


A single growth: Bois Ordinaires on the Island of Oléron.A little-known terroir influenced by the ocean’s spray, lending these coastal-born eaux-de-vie mineral notes and a hint of the sea.

A single grape: Ugni Blanc, traditional and authentic. a single distillation method.

Fine lees: racked. A distillation method that brings subtlety and purity by removing the fine lees naturally. found in the wine.

Alcohol by volume : 40,1%

Tasting notes

A cognac displaying a maritime influence and mineral character. The body has a straightforward purity overlaying an appealing minerality. A floral, spiced bouquet bears traces of mild tobacco. This cognac is the product of fine eaux-de-vie from the Bois Ordinaires growth on the Island of Oléron. The blend has a lemon-yellow shade. At first, the nose displays maritime influences enhanced by subtle notes of mature citrus fruit, such as ripe lemon. On swirling, mineral and marine notes can be detected. The attack is brisk and direct with aromas of pink-grapefruit peel. A clearly defined mid palate is followed by a highly floral finish reminiscent of lemon-tree flowers. The final impression is of delicate spices and a hint of mild tobacco.


Conger eel singed by blowtorch with roasted buckwheat seeds and sea greens (saltwort or sea aster) We wanted something bold with a highly distinctive flavour to accompany such a pure-tasting cognac. The eel’s smoky, burnt taste enhances the mineral character of the spirit, underlining its hint of mild tobacco. The saltwort’s maritime tang and crunchy texture bring freshness, while the buckwheat adds some nicely balanced spice notes.